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Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds



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A hedge fund is an investment firm that utilizes complex strategies involving the use of short-selling, leverage, derivatives, and alternative asset classes to generate returns for their investors. Our Hedge Fund solutions are structured at every stage of their development in such a way that risk can be controlled effectively.

A hedge fund is an investment fund that pools capital from accredited investors or institutional investors and invests in a variety of assets, often with complicated portfolio-construction and risk management techniques. Hedge funds are generally distinct from mutual funds and regarded as alternative investments, as their use of leverage is not capped by regulators, and distinct from private equity funds, as the majority of hedge funds invest in relatively liquid assets. However, funds which operate similarly to hedge funds but are regulated similarly to mutual funds are available and known as liquid alternative investments.

Today, hedge funds engage in a diverse range of markets and strategies and employ a wide variety of financial instruments and risk management techniques.

At Dreamfield Financial we understand the needs and goals of our Hedge Fund clients. On one end, our team can effectively manage client information and allocation while on the other end; they can maintain comprehensive and complex tracking of a range of investment securities and strategies. In today’s global environment, the importance of mobility and access are crucial in the financial industry. Whether you are a small fund or managing over $1b in assets, we are proven to all sized clients.

Our Team consists of experienced specialists who share an extensive network. As part of a thorough analysis, we pay several visits to every hedge fund, in various team compositions, before we decide to invest in them.
We align our interests with those of our clients by making significant financial investments in our funds. We source and assess both conventional and also niche hedge funds as well as hedge fund-related investments.