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Our Team

Our Team


All of Our Teams Members
Are Highly Valued

We are very selective about who we hire. We understand the importance of adding additions to our team but we only hire the people who have the same values and morals that fall in line with our company. Not only are the credentials and experience of the individual taken into account, but also the work ethic and drive to be the best at what they specialize in.

David Hamlin

Chief Executive Officer


William Lawson

Head of International Trading


Jonathan Hughes

Head of Private Client Division


Brian Crawford

Head of Asset Management


Simon Edwards

Head of Trading


Daniel Humphries

Head of Allocations


Mark Richardson

Head of Wealth Management


Kevin Garland

Senior Wealth Manager


Michael Aaron

Senior Wealth Manager


Eric Blackmore

Senior Wealth Manager


Leon Tomlinson

Senior Wealth Manager


Harry Bishop

Senior Portfolio Manager


Frederick Di Natale

Senior Portfolio Manager


Carter Irving

Senior Portfolio Manager


Christopher Wagner

Asset Manager


Alexander Matsen

Portfolio Manager